Moon 3D Live Wallpaper 1.1.0 [免費版]


Before everyone is able to walk on the moon, we can all take a little closer look at Earth’s natural satellite. You can turn your smartphone into a telescope
and enjoy the view of moon on your screen.
- Full 3D environment
- Detailed close-up view of Moon from space
- 8 Additional planets
- Zoom-in and zoom-out
- Camera distance settings
- Animation speed settings
- Brightness settings
- Android screensaver support (phone/tablet)
Individuals who love to explore the space and lunar surface, numerous craters and seas on it will find that space can get a little closer with the Moon 3D Live Wallpaper.
This application breaks the stereotype of individuals who just stare at their phone and see nothing around them. Your mobile device can open you interesting aspects of our
solar system and teach you something new about astronomy.
Install the Moon Live Wallpaper now and see the moon in 3D! This app allows you to see the texture and subtle shading of the lunar topography with plenty of details. The
settings help users adjust their view of the moon according to their needs and desires. It is almost like you are actually traveling on NASA spacecraft to the moon. You can
even imagine that you are one of the men who walked on moon.
This realistic live wallpaper will allow you to get away from the everyday stress for a minute or more and just relax and fly far away. This captivating wallpaper can
inspire you and will show your romantic and adventurous side to others.
After all, each of us caught himself looking at the moon lighting the night sky at least once in his life. When you install the Moon 3D live wallpaper, you can sit back and
relax in front of a magnificent HD view of our moon no matter if its daytime or there is no moon shining in your window tonight. You will never get bored watching and
exploring the moon right in your hand!
You can either set the wallpaper in the Android settings, or click the "Set Wallpaper" option in the app itself.
Moon 3D live wallpaper has been tested on latest Android devices such as Galaxy series, LG G6 and Pixels series, Redmi and Honor series, Xiaomi and Huawei, Oppo and OnePlus
phones. Please contact us if your device is not supported.


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  • 軟體名稱: Moon 3D Live Wallpaper
  • 軟體分類: 個人化
  • APK名稱: com.screensavers_store.moon3dlivewallpaper
  • 最新版本: 1.1.0
  • 支持ROM: 6.0及更高版本
  • 軟體大小 : 51.38 MB
  • 更新日期: 2022-05-15