Hello Super Stars 1.2.27 [免費版]


Hello Superstars is an innovative social media network that will build the bridge between superstars and their fans/followers. Here amazingly innovative ideas will close the
ever-existent distance between celebrities and their fans, all over the globe. The first fully-fledged platform to offer dependable two-way communication between the stars and
their admirers from all the variety of sectors. It is a mobile application where superstars will register themselves to upload their unique activities which can be followed by
the fans who are also registered with the Hello Super Stars app. There will be 8 contents that will be operated within this app. The contents are
1. Learning Session- Live learning session will be held by the celebrities of their respective sectors.
2. Audition- Hello Superstars will conduct talent hunt competition on different sectors like sports, music, acting, cooking etc.
3. Live Chat- Hello Super Stars Subscribers can talk in video call with their desired stars using our platform by registration.
4. Meetup Event- Hello Super Stars Subscribers can meet (online or offline) with their desired stars using our platform on star’s prescheduled time.
5. Greetings- Hello Super Stars Subscribers can make a wish for their beloved person’s birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion by their favorite
6. E-Showcase- In this segment there will be three parts which are marketplace, auction & souvenir. All registered Subscribers of Hello Super Stars can visit all shops of
Superstars and, they can buy their desired star’s signature items or autographed item by regular purchase or bidding system.
Marketplace- It is the place where we will show case different types of merchandised products with the signature or autograph of superstars.
Auction- Here people can buy their favorite superstars own/used item through the system of auction. Tope price bidder will get the chance to buy this product agreeing all the
Souvenir- This is the segment where fans will be able to get autograph of their favorite celebrities on their own products. They have to register themselves first then our
delivery -man will pick up the product, after inspecting, the product will be taken to the Superstar for autograph. Finally the product will be delivered to the client.
7. Fan Group- Hello Super Stars Subscribers can enroll themselves of the fan group in their favorite star. They can do different competitions, debate, and other activities
between groups. This is the only segment fans will be able to chat or communicate among themselves.
8. Question and Answer Session- Subscribers can buy Q/A bundle from their favorite stars. Where they can ask question from their favorite star in chatting format. Bundle will
contain specific number of questions.
9. Paid Post- In this part subscribers can see their favorite star’s exclusive pictures by making a small payment. The pictures will not contain any negativity, harmfulness
& nudity.
Why Trust & choose Hello Super Stars app-
This is the first ever social media app which will bring the dream of many people in reality. It will connect fans with their favorite superstars with many fruitful &
positive events. No other app can give you so many activities like Hello Super Stars. This app not only provide entertainment it will create opportunities for the users.
Online audition is there where people can participate and show their talents being at their own home, and this app will create the stair to success for the talented
participants. Not only this users will get a virtual training institution through this app, we have learning session segment where people will learn & will be certified by
the experts of their respective fields.
This app does not contain or support any negative content which impact on people of our society or it goes against our moral & cultural values. It is full of positive
& joyful entertainment contents, which will give users refreshment & satisfaction.


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  • 軟體名稱: Hello Super Stars
  • 軟體分類: 娛樂
  • APK名稱: com.hellosuperstars
  • 最新版本: 1.2.27
  • 支持ROM: 7.0及更高版本
  • 軟體大小 : 36.61 MB
  • 更新日期: 2023-09-17